The HCG Diet and HCG Medical Weight Loss

Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN, at Furnari Health is a New York City HCG Diet Specialist that offers customized HCG Diet programs to men and women that want to lose weight. With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, Corrine Furnari has helped countless men and women in New York City to lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals. While there are many diets on the market, Corrine Furnari’s customized HCG Diet plans are unique to several other diets. She combines her knowledge of hormone balancing, nutrition, and supplements in order to provide treatment plans that are safe and effective. With a goal to help patients achieve their ideal weight, New York City Weight Loss Programs Specialist, Corrine Furnari her patients have achieved significant weight loss success with the HCG Diet.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has been found to promote weight loss in a natural and effective way. It operates by tapping into excess fat stores and burning fat as energy and implementing a low calorie diet consisting of around 500 calories and low fat foods. Because the fat serves as fuel, the appetite is reduced, and despite eating a diet with very few calories, the body does not go into starvation mode.

The HCG diet is for a person that is classified as being obese. An obese person is 15 to 20 pounds past a healthy weight for his or her age and height, and they have a Body Mass Index of 20% or higher. This diet is not for a person who wants to lose only a few pounds.

Using the HCG method of weight loss prevents the loss of lean muscle and tissue because the body is being supplied energy through fat stores. If a person were eating a low calorie diet without the HCG, the body would begin to burn muscle because it is rich in protein. The body uses protein as its first source of fuel because it is the quickest way to obtain energy.

Eating a diet that is too low in calories can be dangerous for the kidneys. When the body breaks down protein, it leaves a byproduct, which can build up in the kidneys. This can lead to kidney stones, or serious dehydration.

After doing the HCG diet, it is possible to keep the weight off. Usually, there are a few reasons weight may return.

First of all, if a person loses too much weight on the HCG diet, a few pounds may return in order to protect health and immunity. Each person has an ideal body weight to maintain. The body is very intelligent, and during the HCG diet, many people lose more fat than their body can safely allow them to lose.

Another reason fat may return is because people attempt to eat the same low calorie diet they did as when they were taking the HCG. This does not work because the body goes into starvation mode, and starts to create more fat stores. Chemically, fat is no longer being broken down in the body to provide the necessary nutrients, and so, not eating the proper amount of calories and getting the right amount of nutrition is counterproductive to weight loss.

Neglecting to eat a healthy diet and exercise can be another reason a person may regain weight after doing the HCG diet. If healthy lifestyle choices are not made, any diet program will inevitably fail. Proper nutrition and exercise must be infused into daily life in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Numerous benefits can be obtained by using the HCG diet. These benefits are secondary to weight loss, and drastically improve the quality of life. Personal outlook can be improved and personal relationships can reap the benefits of healthy self-esteem. Many organ functions are improved with weight loss, and serious future health risks can be avoided.

New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN, at Furnari Health has helped countless men and women to lose weight with the HCG Diet. Her advanced knowledge of nutrition in conjunction with the HCG Diet has provided amazing weight loss results for her patients. Corrine Furnari uses the HCG Diet to help patients improve their health and prevent obesity related diseases. Men and women in New York City have been able to enjoy major changes in their physique, as well as their levels of confidence as a result of losing weight with the HCG Diet.

To learn more about losing weight with the HCG Diet, contact New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN, at Furnari Health to schedule a consultation today!