Frequently Asked Question’s about The HCG Diet

Corinne Furnari, RPA at Furnari Health is a New York City HCG Diet Specialist with extensive expertise in the field of medical weight loss. Helping countless men and women to lose weight with the HCG Diet, her customized diet plans are tailored to suit individual needs and conditions. Getting to the root of each patient’s weight loss resistance or weight loss challenges, Corinne Furnari, RPA uses the HCG Diet to help patients achieve weight loss success. As a New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corrine Furnari, RPA is always happy to answer any questions regarding the HCG Diet. Some of the common questions that she receives include:

If HCG is made in a woman’s body, does that mean that only women can benefit from the HCG Diet?

The HCG hormone is made in a woman’s body, but its functions are related to metabolism and energy. For this reason, men can usually successfully use the HCG hormone without sex-related side effects, and most of the time, men lose more weight than women on the diet.

How much weight does the average person lose on the HCG Diet?

Typically, a person will lose around one pound per day, but because each person is unique, this amount can vary. However, the HCG diet will usually not allow a person to be reduced beyond his or her normal and healthy weight. When this occurs, the body begins to feed on structural and essential fat, which is the fat that cushions organs and body tissues.

After finishing the HCG Diet, does the weight continue to stay off?

Most people are able to keep the weight off because the body resets its metabolism, and has a new set point. Also, people learn to implement new and improved lifestyle habits on the diet, and when they continue to eat healthy foods after the diet, the weight stays off. New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corrine Furnari can offer patients guidance on how to keep their weight off.

Why do people regain their weight after finishing the diet?

People who regain their weight are those that continue to eat the same low calorie diet of 500 calories, which sends the body into starvation mode and makes the body store the food that is being consumed as fat. Other people who regain their weight go back to eating foods that are processed, greasy, carbohydrate laden, sugary, and full of fat and sugar. It is not realistic to continue to eat unhealthy food and expect to maintain weight loss.

How can I keep the weight off after finishing the HCG Diet?

After finishing the HCG diet, eating a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and healthy sources of fats and carbohydrates and doing a small amount of healthy exercise can help the weight loss to be maintained. Men and women should return to eating a regular amount of calories because they are no longer going to be getting energy from their fat storages, and proper caloric intake will maintain metabolism.

What kinds of foods can I eat on the HCG Diet?

While on the HCG Diet, people are only allowed to eat certain foods. Usually low sugar fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, apples, and strawberries and starch free vegetables are allowed. Lean meats, such as chicken and different kinds of fish, sugar free beverages, and a limited amount of sauces are also allowed. New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corrine Furnari can customize meal plans to suit individual needs.

Am I going to feel hungry on the HCG Diet?

The HCG hormone allows the body to release fat stores to supply nutrients. Usually, hunger is triggered by the need for nutrients and energy, and if a person is already getting calories from fat, they usually do not feel hungry.

Are there things I need to avoid while on the diet?

Certain creams, make-ups, and oils should be avoided because they can be absorbed into the skin, which can interfere with the HCG hormone’s actions within the body. External absorption of fats can be misinterpreted by the body and can reduce the release of fat into the bloodstream.

What is the difference between the HCG bought from the internet and the HCG administered in doctor’s offices?

The HCG hormone bought online is most likely a homeopathic, which is not the true HCG hormone and does not have the same effects on the body as the true HCG hormone. The Real HCG hormone must be given by a licensed physician and should be monitored to make sure the patient is a candidate for the hormone and will not have adverse reactions.

How do I get started on the HCG Diet?

Call and make an appointment with New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corinne Furnari, RPA at Furnari Health.

New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corinne Furnari, RPA at Furnari Health has helped a vast number of men and women to lose weight with the HCG Diet. Offering customized plans to patients that want to lose weight, Corrine Furnari assesses individual health conditions, goals, and preferences when designing an HCG Diet plan. She offers continued support and is available to answer questions and concerns in regards to the diet. Her customized HCG Diet programs have produced life-changing results for countless patients.

To learn more about losing weight with the HCG Diet, contact New York City HCG Diet Specialist, Corinne Furnari, RPA at Furnari Health today to schedule a consultation!