About Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN, of Furnari Health

Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN - HCG Diet New York
Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN

Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN, has been practicing integrative medicine for greater than twenty years. She is a certified Clinical Nutritionist, part of the first group of clinicians to be certified in clinical nutrition in New York State, licensed Physician’s Assistant, graduate of USC Physicians Assistant Program and certified by the International Society of Cosmetology in aesthetic procedures.

Based on these accreditations and years of experience she utilizes in-depth diagnostic techniques from both allopathic and alternative medicine. She then develops nutritional, bio-identical hormonal, herbal and/or intravenous therapies to create individualized and patient-friendly protocols for acute and chronic conditions.

Corinne Furnari’s Expertise

Corinne has developed in-depth expertise in women’s health issues. This expertise includes GYN care, PMS, menopause, natural hormone replacement, and more. She also specializes in treating chronic conditions such as hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, weight loss, irritable bowel, diabetes, and arthritis and creates wellness protocols for optimal health and anti-aging.

Utilizing a variety of laboratory and observation diagnostic techniques, she designs safe and effective individualized treatment programs. Treatment modalities include: GYN care, Natural Hormone Replacement Protocols, Nutritional and herbal protocols, Intravenous nutrients, Vitamin C therapy, Chelating therapies, Mesotherapy, UVB therapies, Trigger Point therapies, medical weight loss programs, and Anti-Aging Protocols.

Corinne was instrumental in bringing the European Laboratory of Nutrients, a holistic laboratory from the Netherlands, to the United States. For 2 years she lectured throughout the country to physicians on, ‘ The Value Of Holistic Testing And Individualizing Treatment Protocols’.

Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN’s Lectures include:

Southwest Naturopathic College

  • Regular guest speaker on “Holistic Protocols, Evaluation and Treatment”

Ortho-molecular Society in Brazil and San Francisco

  • “Diagnosing and Treating Sub-clinical Thyroid Dysfunction”

Menopause Society at St. Vincent’s Hospital

  • “The Challenge of Menopause, Individualizing Protocols for Optimal Health”

NYU Facility Program

  • “Hormones and Depression”, “Nutritional Strategies for Women”
  • “From Allergies to Aging”

Regular guest speaker on the radio program

  • “Global Medicine Review”

Regular guest speaker on the radio program

Diabetes Support Group, New York

  • “Protecting The Eyes, In Type 1 Diabetes” and “The Value of Exercise in Controlling Blood Sugar”

EAPA-NYC, Women’s Issues Committee Meeting Inter-Care

  • “Hormones and Emotion”
  • “Let’s Talk About Sex”

NYC Police Department

Women in Policing Annual Meeting

Alcoholic and Rehabilitation Counsel of New York

  • “Employee Wellness Program”

Center for Career, Education, and Life Planning School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York University

Spring semester 2005

  • ‘”The Aging Male, a Primer on Maintaining Vitality and Virility Throughout Your Life”
  • “From Conception to Birth to a Healthy Baby”

Summer semester 2005

  • “From Conception to Birth to a Healthy Baby”
  • “Vitality and Sexuality Before and During Menopause”

HCG Diet Patient Testimonials

I became a client/patient of Corinne in 2004 after three different doctors had been unable to explain why I was becoming increasingly tired, although I looked like I was in perfect health. By the time I finally walked into Corinne’s office, I felt I had become a walking zombie. She very quickly diagnosed the underlying imbalance, set about correcting it and in the process taught me how to achieve the proper nutritional, exercise and supplement regimen for me, as an individual. She thinks outside the box, is tuned into a wide variety of integrative medicine techniques, does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to diagnosis or prescriptions, and is adamant that the key to good health is knowledge about one’s body. I learned more from her about my body, health and nutrition than I had in the prior 30 years from all my health care providers combined. I cannot thank her enough for bringing me back to health and for teaching me so much. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, schools should teach what Corinne knows about health. I continue to recommend her to both women and men. -Giselle Minoli, New York City

Corinne is unique in my experience with health care professionals. When you walk into her office and talk with her for even a few minutes, I predict, you’ll realize, she’s not in this for the money. She loves her work and because she loves her work, she has developed an incredible competence and she gladly shares that with her patients. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll count yourself extremely fortunate to have her care for you. -Randy Wright – Manhattan

Dear Ms. Furnari:

Every day I am truly grateful to you for all the things you have done for me.

I am grateful for the weight loss, which I have maintained within 2-3 lbs.
I am also thankful for the most detailed and extensive lab tests you requested.
They were the most detailed lab tests I have ever had.

I am still working on losing at least another 25-35 lbs.

When I met you, I was going through a very stressful period. Fortunately, my energy and my concentration levels are improving enabling me to take computer classes and piano lessons.

Thank you!!!!!!!! -Ms. D. B. – 75 years young

To learn more about Corinne Furnari, RPA, CCN and her approach to weight loss with the HCG Diet, call her today at her New York, NY based clinic to schedule your consultation.